About the Artist
Certified Artisan E.M.I works from her
studio in Rhode Island. She learned the
time honored art of mask making by
apprenticing to a local artisan in Ponce,
Puerto Rico.   Over many years she has
perfected her own unique style. Her
attention to detail and use of color have
made her work very collectible. She
obtained her Bachelor of Arts at Boston
University and Masters at Indiana
University. She participates in craft
fairs, workshops, and exhibits
throughout Puerto Rico and the
mainland USA.  Her decorative masks
are available at many gift shops. She is
certified as a mask artist by the Puerto
Rican government
Pridco certifies artisans through a
process of professional appraisal of
each artist.

Puerto Rico Masks was started with the
goal of sharing Puerto Rican culture
with people from around the world.

Please help support local artists with
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studio photo of artist
Artisan E.M.I in her studio
art fair photo
Ponce, Puerto Rico Annual Fair
Puerto Rican Gallery
EMI's  Masks at Coqui
International in Rio Grande, PR
Puerto Rico Masks was founded from the desire to maintain cultural traditions and share Puerto Rican
vejigante mask blue sea
Puerto Rico Masks
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White Electric Gallery View
On Display:  Local Providence Gallery /
Coffee House called White Electric
Disney Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2014 Masks on Display
Disney Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2014 Masks on Display
Mural of Don Rimx painting of my vejigante mask
Artist and muralist Don
Rimx was inspired by my
mask and painted it on a
building in Ponce, Puerto
Rico in 2017